Life-Worth Lesson We Can Learn From Stand-Up Comedians

In these troubled times when people are mostly overwhelmed with existential issues, laughter has become a priceless thing. We can rarely see the happy face nowadays on the street, everyone is in their own worlds of anxiety and concern and we don’t dedicate enough time just to laugh and to be happy. We should all understand that the most significant things in the world are free and you can always spare some money to visit the theater, movies or to see quality standup comedy. Many hidden messages regarding life and wellbeing can be revealed here and in the same time, you will be improving your personality and maybe change your views on life.

Stand – up comedy is an extraordinary type of art, here at Joaker: The Online Comedy Spot we are also going the present the other side of standup comedy, not just the funny one. A good comedian only with the help of words can entertain his audience and sometimes between all laughs and cheers some remarkably wise words can see the light of the day.

A great stand – up comedian Craig Ferguson, spent years struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. When he cleaned up his acts, he started a career in stand-up comedy and used its own example to inspire young people with the same problems.

On one occasion he said that he had been sober for 15 years and that he didn’t have a drinking problem, but thinking problem;

he said that some types of people couldn’t drink and that he was one of them. By referring to “thinking problem” he meant to the internal struggle that every person has – we don’t have some magical button that only says click here and all are problems are shut down. We need to learn how to master our brain skills and that is probably the most valuable lesson that we will learn in our life. Once we improve our mind, we will be able to change the way we think and live.

He also pointed out on one of the issues of the modern world, regarding the communication and the Internet and their influence on people’s life. He started from the belief that people became meaner since they started using the Internet, but he emphasized that they are not meaner than they used to be, only that technology provides them a possibility to be quicker and visible to worldwide masses. They don’t have time to “edit” themselves, in anger they write the first thing that crosses their mind and we all know that words are one of the most powerful weapons.
George Carlin another great comedian had a variety of topics related to psychological, spiritual and personal level, his famous sentence “their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff” encountered a great approval of the audience. He made an example when you go to visiting someone and you never truly feel like at home, or when you stay overnight and they put you in a small room that hasn’t been used for years, crowded with stuff that isn’t your own and you feel like a stranger. We can conclude from this that we are metaphysically and physiologically connected with our stuff, but we see other people stuff like trash.

As you can see from these few examples, stand – up comedy can be a useful tool, but you will have to read between the lines.

Author: Antonio Driver

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