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Welcome to the Joaker, where you will laugh at jokes and other comedy related stuff. You will also be able to read something about general state of online comedy, the difference between online comedy and normal comedy and many other things.

Now, we will start with the talk about online comedy and jokes that can be found online and the basic difference between them and live comedy. As you know, transgression of comedy to internet caused the comedy to change its forms because many forms of comedy that are successful normally, failed to gain recognition on the internet.

Content of the joke or comedy act is very important, but the person that tells the joke is also a big part of the actual joke. Facial expressions and body language makes the joke funny (you probably heard some jokes from people who failed to tell them properly, and those jokes weren’t funny, but those same jokes told by individuals who know how to tell them were very funny).

The lack of body language and facial expressions made the jokes less funny, so people looked for other forms of expression that would support the joke on the internet. Shorter jokes aka one liner jokes, were the easier form of comedy for adaptation. In majority of the cases there is a meme (picture or drawing that represents some form of expression) that accompanies the joke, and it fortifies its punch line.Learn more about comedy click here and enjoy.

Longer jokes didn’t suffer as much as long as they had several punch lines that worked nicely. Illustrations came to help those jokes and they were transformed in several panels’ long drawings. Each panel represents one part of the joke, and words are placed in appropriate panel. This made longer jokes funny and interesting to read.

One liner jokes that use word games are very popular on the internet because they don’t require talented individual to tell them in a funny way. There are thousands on word play jokes on the internet, and majority of them is funny on the internet only. Word play jokes were never extremely funny in the person, but the amount of audience on the internet made them a hit. Advantage of internet in this case made possible the chains of word play jokes, on numerous subjects. For example you can find a word game joke chain on a forum that has over 50 one liner jokes together, and they are all different.

Stand-up comedy acts are unique acts that are told by stand-up comedians. There is no real online replacement for stand-up acts, but there are some forms of joke telling that were introduced on the internet that are fairly similar to stand-up acts.

Most known form of comedy in this form on the internet is by taking a normal story and telling it in detail, without any punch lines. At the end of the tale, when everyone thinks that there is no joke there, you introduce a huge plot twist, that creates a joke from the whole text.

Author: Antonio Driver

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